The Eternal Code

12.3.2149, 03.54 am

Hello, I am Peter Saimek. I live in 2149. I have never had a personal diary before, but now it is the only opportunity to speak out and share my thoughts, because all the people, who were important for me, died. You may ask me: Why?- It is so strange that I am writing as if someone is listening to me. Our planet is polluted 98 percent for the last 15 years. The notion «clean air» is not used in people’s speech, it simply does not exist. Everyone uses gas masks. A lot of people die from hunger and epidemics every day. Only “chosen” people can give birth. In other words, population is disappearing quickly. The project of flight to Mars has been postponed for five years, because in order to launch a rocket, the planet has to be cleaned. My parents had been working on the project of saving our planet, before they died in nuclear explosion. I dreamt about continuation of their work, but I did not have any information. But yesterday I looked at the photos of my parents and saw a strange code on the last father’s picture. I did not understand what it was, but I was sure, that it was something so important. WOW, it is already 4 o’clock! I am going to sleep. My capsule has charged and I have programmed it for fast deep sleep, so I can sleep only one hour and tomorrow I will be awake.


18.3.2149,11.47 am

YYEEEESSSSSS! I have remembered. I have a safe in my house, which I have seen once in all my life, when I dropped a picture from the wall. I know that this code was for the safe, because when yesterday I saw a code, I found out strange emblem. Now I understand that I saw the same emblem on the safe.

I have been waiting for this moment for so long, but now I am scared and I do not know why. But I will make a decision, maybe not today …


19.3.2149,00.06 am

I could not sleep, because I could not forget about the code… and I did it. I opened the safe. YES I WAS RIGHT!

There are all works of my parents and their colleagues.  Now I have to understand everything that is written there. I know it is not easy, but I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!


26.4.2149,05 57pm

I have not been there for a long time, but I was so interested in the documents, that sometimes I even forget about breakfast. All that I have to understand is that our planet can be saved!

On the whole, if we send 245 element of Mendeleev’s table on centrifuge, then rise it on the hundred-meter height and put it right to the centre of the planet, after that the core of the Earth increases. All resources will be recovered and people will be able to live normal life again!

I can’t imagine what I have to do.


30.6.2149,7.39 am

I was absent, but I did a lot.

– I got a team of the volunteers.

– We agreed with the government to use abandoned station.

– We prepared the station for new launches.

– I got a big dose of radiation and fell ill of paren (mutation of all blood cells, after which organs refuse to work because of inappropriate group of blood, then death).

Last fact is not positive, because now this illness is incurable, but I have to finish my project and it is the most important thing now.



First test launch has been done. It seems like everything goes by plan so we prepare for our most important day.

We are going to do it at night for people’s safety.

Disease is progressing, I can’t live without drugs.

I HAVE TO finish my project in time!



Everything happened yesterday.  The project is very successful. Everybody is happy now people create campaign to protect the ecology. Nobody wants this situation to repeat.

It was hard work. One of the volunteers died right on the station.

 I think that it is a dream.



I am in hospital

Doctors say that I have two days, no more.



I feel that it is my last hours. It is hard to write, I feel the pain in the body.

I have never felt so bad.

I am the happiest person in the world, because I saved our planet and millions of people’s lives.

It is the most important thing than I could do.

I will be in my sleeping capsule in five minutes. Program is adjusted to endless sleep.  

Nastya Malysheva

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