Colonization of Mars


NASA’s report, classified

Experiments had been studying the Sun, made scientists realize that in 50 years time all the inhabitants of the Earth would die because of the increasing temperature of the Sun. The UN developed a special Project CLARKE, suggesting that people need to colonize Mars. Not everyone would fly to Mars, because Mars is smaller than the Earth and resources would be limited. They first decided to send scientists, builders and engineers to Mars, so that they could make life on Mars more comfortable. Due to the concept of CLARKE (communication, logic, activity, research, knowledge, expedition), after the project is finished, the rest of people from the Earth were supposed to fly to Mars.

All States had come together to complete this Project as early as possible. After 2 months, the rocket was ready to fly. There were 50 people in the rocket. A year later the rocket flew to Mars.


2035, Mars

 From video-chats with the Earth

Hi, my name is Clarke. By the time I was born, a complex had been built on Mars, where members of our expedition lived. My mother named me after this project – Clarke (my father had died before my birth). Perhaps this is due to the fact, that I was the first to be born on Mars. I loved walking around the complex, talking to all the colonists. I got to know that the resources (oxygen, food and water) were few and could only last for 10 years… I also managed to know that the temperature on the Sun rises faster than scientists could predict it before…

Therefore, I decided to help the scientists in their research, so that all people on the Earth would fly to Mars.  I started to take lessons from Captain Waneright, even though my mom was against it. (They did not get along with each other).


2042, Mars

From video-charts with the Earth                          

Today it is my 17-th birthday, and Captain Waneright presented me a special book. He asked me to study it on my own. To great misfortune, during the birthday party in the evening, almost all died at the station. Only my mother and I survived. Fortunately, the station where we lived, worked automatically and all I had to do was cleaning the ventilation. I secretly continued to investigate what other scientists had done before. The book of Captain Waneright helped me a lot.


2052, Mars

From video-charts with the Earth

Today I decided to measure the temperature of the Sun. To my surprise, there were no changes in 10 years compared to the last record. I was delighted and decided to share this news with my mother. But on the way I needed to check old papers of Captain Waneright. There was a mess in his den, but I found one piece of paper in the conspicuous place. It had been written: “In my Death I blame YOUR MOTHER, Clarke”.   I was surprised when I was reading this.  At first I didn’t believe it, but then it all fit together: my mom’s dislike for Captain Waneright, poisoning everyone at the station…

With my heavy thoughts, I went to my mom with an important question. When I came to her, she was in her bed, quietly living her last days. (She was dying due to mortal illness). When she saw me, she smiled. I immediately asked her about the murder. She slowly exhaled and said: “I did it because I wanted you to survive!” I was shocked, but didn’t have time to tell her anything; she died immediately after her words…


2052, Mars

The last message from Clarke

It is not necessary to save me… Stay on the Earth, because the temperature of the Sun has not changed for long. Live happily on the Earth…

After these words, a loud shot rang out and no one survived on Mars…

And the signal from the Earth never came back…

Gleb Nazarenko

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